Detroit Photo + Video Source

Detroit Photo + Video Source
photography + video production services

Crew Support


Whether you need us to produce your project or just need help with a Production Coordinator, we can help in whatever capacity you need.

Director of Phototgraphy

Have a creative concept that needs an experienced and talented eye with the technical know how to achieve your vision. Or, perhaps just another Cameraman to fill the role. We have an arsenal of gear efficiently kitted out!


With 20+ years in the industry our Gaffer knows his craft.  In studio or on location, up top a catwalk or under a car rigging, his extensive experience with grip and lighting is an asset to any production. 


Grip-Gaffer, Gaffer-Grip...we've got that guy too!  All of our crew members are selected for their experience and ability to handle the role.

1st Assistant/Camera-Tech/Focus Puller

Whether you need an experienced Photographic Assistant or an experienced film/video Assistant Camera, our guys have been around it all.  Canon EOS 1DX, 5DMrkIV, Hasselblad, Nikon, Phase One, Canon C300 MrkII, Sony, Panasonic, Arri Alexa, RED Epic, RED Dragon.


Our Digi-Techs come with years of experience managing digital assets and pushing pixels to help keep you on track shooting and feeling secure every file is where it should be.  He can come with the latest and greatest digi-tech cart or just send him without his set up. 

Photo Assistant

Shhh...one of our guys has been around since the days of 8x10 transparency and E6-Dip&Dunk. lol  But, we got a couple hipsters that are tech heads and know their stuff too.  We wouldn't have them if they didn't fill the role.

Production Assistant

We got a few of those guys that fill in when need be.  These guys are great!  Whether pulling weeds for the shot or picking up the clients at the airport, rest assured they will do it with a smile and on time.

Location Scout

Need a Location Manager to handle everything from permitting to helping coordinate the police for a car to car shot through the city.  Or we can just go on a "drive about" and put together files with all the pertinent info to make a decision.

B-Roll/Behind The Scenes

Whether you need a second cameraman or a small commando video crew with all the slick gear to give your production killer B-Roll or BTS (Behind The Scenes).  We have Movi Gimbals, Jibs, Sliders, Steady Cam, Tero RC Camera Car just to boost a bit... We even like to collaborate with other video crews that need more equipment and cameraman or crew support.  We're in it for the passion and like to play with our gear whenever there's a creative idea worth doing.

Camera Car Motion Rigging

Static or motion we do a lot of it!  Especially, when it comes to motor vehicles.  We have a Carbon Fiber Car Arm Rig for Still Photography, various ways to rig cameras to cars and a slick Camera Car set up.  We have all the equipment and tools to make it safe and efficient.  

FAA 107 Certified Drone Operators

Both our Pilot In Command and our Camera/Gimbal Operator are FAA Pt-107 certified and have been flying and filming since Drones  first came onto the scene.  We have all the current DJI models both as single and dual operator packages, along with the Heavy Lifter, Freely Alta 8.